Plus CBD x Tatted Vegan


I’ve mentioned before that I’m always striving to maintain a sense of balance within myself. I’ve been maintaining a healthy balance and peace of mind with a few tools including @youpluscbd #ad . It’s important now more than ever to take care of your mental health especially in today’s fast-paced society. PlusCBD Oil™ offers hemp-derived CBD products that help promote a sense of calm and balance. CBD also promotes a healthy inflammatory response. Between my entrepreneurial endeavors, training and living in NYC, I definitely get good use out of @youpluscbd products.

A little science about CBD. Cannabidiol aka CBD is found in agricultural hemp. While it is also found in marijuana, you won’t get the euphoric (high) feeling from consuming hemp-derived CBD because it doesn’t contain THC. CBD oil is legal 👌🏾Without getting too geeky on you, CBD may help modulate our central regulatory system called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which has receptors found throughout our body, so we maintain a sense of balance.
PlusCBD Oil™ products come in a few vegan friendly formulas (Raw Formula, Total Plant Complex and Gold Formula) which range from capsules, drops and sprays that vary in concentrations.


The Raw Formula: 90% Plant Material, 10% Phytocannabinoids

Low Strength

Total Plant Complex: 85% Plant Material, 15% Phytocannabinoids

Mid Strength

Gold Formula: 75% Plant Material, 25% Phytocannabinoids

High Strength

I typically use mid-level to high-level formulas. The peppermint flavor gives a cooling feeling, that makes me feel like I can breath better in different situations as well.

So if you are seeking a little more balance, PlusCBD Oil™ @youplusCBD may have a product that works for you.


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