Keep on Quitting

IMG_4552“A job is a temporary solution to a long term problem.”

I haven’t had many jobs in my life, but my reasonings for quitting my jobs was this overwhelming feeling that I was meant to do something bigger. Something that would make a difference in the world all while making my heart sing.

When I tell people that I quit from the same company 3 times, they’re always shocked. Well I never burned bridges and my managers always knew that they could count on me. And this was the very thing that would bury me deeper into jobs that I didn’t necessarily care for.  Supporting someone else’s dream with the majority of my time. This would also give me this feeling of  intense unhappiness once the temporary pleasure of having more money went away.

Ah, promotions. Of course I’m grateful for the promotions that I’ve received. I was virtually offered promotions at every job that I’ve had and for the positions that I’ve taken, they’ve allowed me to take care of responsibilities. But when you’re making enough money to get by and to still work on your dreams, is it worth it to make more money and have less time on those goals?

I’ve quit time and time again based off of emotions, that tug at my heart, but failed by not putting in the EFFORT to reach my goals. How does one fail at quitting…haha. They weren’t really failures though because they set me up for my next job to quit.

My biggest job quitting experience came in 2015. I was dealing with some court stuff in New York City regarding my daughter and had to use money that I didn’t have to pay lawyer fees. Thousands of dollars from credit cards, my bank account, wherever I could find money. And then I realized, if I could magically find this money now, why couldn’t I find it when I “wanted” to reach my goals before?

I was living in California at the time, and decided to create my very own vegan cookbook. So I was balancing court issues and fighting to reach my goals at the same time. And then I decided to quit my job because I wanted to shoot my cookbook in NYC and also be physically in court to deal with the issues at hand. That was one of the biggest risks I took in my life and the universe definitely conspired to keep me on path (but I’ll get deeper into that another time).

Since that time that I quit, I’ve had a couple more jobs that I quit, but I left each time with valuable lessons and more passion to reach my goals. I’m not too big to work a regular job. My ego isn’t that inflated. But I know that “a job is a temporary solution to a long term problem” and being happy is what matters to me.

With love,

Free Bird, Berto

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